OMGAI LED Ice Cubes, Multicolor Flashing Submersible LED Light Up Ice Cubes Rocks for Bar Club Wedding Party Gift Event Champagne Tower Decoration 12 Pack (US only FBA Fullfillment )

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1. Liquid Activated: The decorative LED ice cubes are liquid activated. It will automatically switch on when placed in water and off again when you take them out.(Note: Once talking these club lights out from water, please use cloth or tissue to dry the sensitive point for reusing).
2. Made of Food Grade Plastic: The light cube is filled with non-toxic freezable gel, without flame, wax smoke or mess.
3. IP67 Waterproof: The LED cube can be put in various liquid, drinks or fish tanks. There will be no any chemical reaction.
4. Color Changing: Once in the water, the dreamlike effect will appear. The LED light ice cubes will shine or flash with luminous color. 
5. Battery Powered: 12-15 hours, battery is already included.
6. Application: The submersible led lights is perfect for bar, club, prom, ball, wedding, dancing party, raves, quinceanera, bat mitzvah, baby shower, bachelorette, tailgates, bath, holiday, Valentines' Day, Festival activities, New year celebrations, , Christmas, birthday, glamping, Halloween and other occasions.

Color: Multi-Color
Material: Plastic
Quantity: 12pcs/set
Size: 2.5*2.5cm

1. Hand wash with warm, soapy water before using.
2. After taking the submersible lights out from the liquid, please use cloth to dry the sensitive point as soon as possible for longer batteries life.
3. For safety, don't put these led flashing lights into the high temperature drinks.



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