OMGAI Ultrasonic Dog Whistle, Adjustable Pitch Dog Training Whistle with Lanyards Training Clickers for Dog Recall Behavioral Training

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  1. High Quality & Durable: Our dog training kit is made of metal and plastic, safe and durable to use. And we provide premium quality lanyards and wrist strap, prevent loss, and convenient carrying.
  2. Adjustabel Pitch Dog Whistle: You can adjust the pitch to get the right frequencies, loosen the sonic adjustment screw while blowing the air in from the air inlet, turn the adjustment lever to adjust to the optimum pitch. After the adjustment lever is turned, tighten the sonic adjustment screw. Notice your dog's reaction to each setting until your dog exhibits the strongest reaction.
  3. Dog Training Clickers: pet training clickers are designed with button settings and comfortably fit your hands, you can train your pet a new behaviors like sit, fetch, roll over, lie down and more, for effective pet training, always reward them with a treat after clicking.
  4. Please Patient: The puppy training tool wouldn't make your dog understand your instructions immediately. It requires multiple training for your dog to listen your commands. Please keep your whistle command consistent, when your dog does it right, give him a snack reward.
  5. What You Get: 2 pieces dog whistles, 2 pieces training clickers, 2 pieces lanyards, a complete dog training kit for you to meet your different daily use.

Color: Black
Product Dimensions: 7.1*3.9*0.7 inches
Item Weight: 3.53 ounces
Shipping Weight: 3.53 ounces

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