OMGAI Square Fidget Spinner, 7*4.5cm Premium Quality Anti-Anxiety Fidget Spinner Gifts for Adults Kids Relief ADHD Anxiety Autism, High-Speed Bearing Rotating Toys

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  1. Premium Material: It is made of zinc alloy, and the surface of the top is smooth to protect the fingers from scratches.
  2. Simple to use: Hold hand spinner in one hand and use the other hand to spin it rapidly, easy to use.
  3. No big noise: Small , easy to carry and much smoother, effective for focus and deep thought, less noise while spinning.
  4. Great for releasing anxiety: The hand spinner make you relax, stay awake, help you relieve ADHD, ADD, autism and other attention disorder issues
  5. Perfect Gift: The Fidget Spinner can pass the boring time, relieve stress, help you calm down, Suitable for children and young adults.


1. Compact design and smooth feeling,will bring you a comfortable experience

2. 18-inch fidget spinners are more portable, whether for study, work, or outdoors

3. You can enjoy this fidget spinner while you pass time on a lazy afternoon, or compete with your friends to see who gets a longer spin.

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