OMGAI 2 Pack Kick Shuttlecocks, Colorful Feather Chinese Jianzi, Foot Sports Outdoor Toy Game for Adults and Kids

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  1. High Quality: Using 100% chicken feathers, plump colorful feathers, through high temperature sterilization and stereotype, not easy to lose feather.
  2. Stable & Durable: High elasticity base, stable rise and fall and easy to control
  3. 2 Packs: Enjoy kick shuttlecock Chinese Jianzi outdoor sports with your family and friends.
  4. Portable: Light and easy to carry, you can exercise anytime anywhere.
  5. Benefits: Kicking Shuttlecock can exercise hands and feet coordination, balance, and reaction ability.

Color: Colorful
Material: Feather
Item Weight:1.3 ounces
Shipping Weight:1.3 ounces

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