OMGAI Survival Paracord Bracelet Gear with Flint Fire Starter Scraper Whistle for Outdoor Living Camping Hunting Travelling

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Color: Black
Bracelet size: 23(L)x2cm(W)
Paracord diameter: 3mm
Paracord Long: 3.5-3.9m
Material: nylon


Flint Fire Starter helps you to be the real survival! Just rub the rod to the scraper then you can get spark and fire, rubbing the wood to get fire now is a time-wasted job. With the small scraper, you have no problems cutting the rattan, the meat, the rope and something you want to get help from. Do be careful to avoid injury.

A powerful whistle is really a must when in the wild, especially when you are weak and this whistle is good enough to raise the attention of your teammates a hundred miles away.

Designed around 220 catties per single rope; Suitable for wrist sizes that measure between 7-9 inches. It is great gift for your friends, families, yourself or anyone who love outdoor activities.

How to make fire:
1. First scrap the magnesium as powder by using the sawtooth of the credit card knife. You must scratch it patiently, so the powder is enough to let something be fired!
2. Spark up the pile of powder (Scraped already) quickly so that the setting spark will ignite the powder.
3. the Powder should be with some fibrous material, so that the fire can be lighted.

1. Open in case of emergency for a handful of essential tools that are difficult to improvise in the wild.
2. Paracord is strong but NOT intended for climbing.
3. The survival kit is contained inside of the bracelet and won't be received as separate items.
4. Not suitable as Children's Toy.

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